New viral documentary alleges conspiracy that COVID vaccine was used as form of population control

A recent documentary called “Died Suddenly” has promoted a theory that the COVID-19 vaccine was a scientific experiment done to roll out population control by means of increasing health defects causing healthy people to “die suddenly.” The documentary claims that the vaccine is killing off many young people as part of a plan[Read More…]

NYU professor trashes Elon Musk, suggests Russian bots were behind Trump reinstatement poll

New York University business professor and public speaker Scott Galloway condemned Elon Musk this week, accusing him of displaying a “total lack of grace” in his leadership at Twitter. Galloway discussed Musk’s leadership with CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour after reports of mass resignations at the platform. Musk referred to Galloway as an “insufferable numbskull” last year after[Read More…]