North Dakota man runs over and kills teen, called him a ‘Republican extremist’ who was ‘coming to get him’

Shannon Brandt, 41, has admitted to deliberately murdering 18-year-old Caylor Ellingson in McHenry, North Dakota. According to court documents, Brandt pursued Ellingson with his car and proceeded to run him over. Caylor called his mom during the chase asking her to come and collect him because he was being chased up and[Read More…]

Marine Corps reverses penalties for service members who request religious exemption for COVID vaccination 

The United States Marine Corps has walked back prior penalties for service members who are seeking religious exemptions to the COVID-19 vaccine. According to Fox News, prior punishments included early terminations, dishonorable discharges and promotions either being delayed or cancelled for those who opted not to have the vaccine. The new[Read More…]