Preview of Jeremy Renner’s first interview since snow plow incident reveals harrowing details

Actor Jeremy Renner’s first interview since he was run over by a snow plow on New Year’s Day in January reveals some gory and harrowing details of Renner’s ordeal.

In his first sit-down interview since the incident, Renner describes to Diane Sawyer how the accident occurred and how it felt to be crushed by a 7 ton machine. Renner explains that he was in the cab of the snowplow when he stepped out onto the plow’s track to see where his nephew was. The track kept sliding on ice, and Renner fell from the machine, when he noticed it was headed directly in the direction to roll over his nephew.

Renner jumped in front of his nephew and was run over by the machine, resulting in 30 broken bones and blunt chest trauma, as well as a collapsed lung, a broken knee and a broken eye socket. Renner explains he was not sure he would survive the incident, but that he chose to live. He also says he would do the same thing to protect his nephew  if he were placed in the same situation again. 

Renner’s neighbors, who were there to help following the incident, also appear in the interview and say they believe Renner died briefly after he was run over. “I really feel he did pass away for a couple of seconds,” said neighbor Barb Fletcher. “I really do.”

Renner’s medical team reportedly believe his recovery is going remarkably well, and he has progressed to walking with a cane. He says when he looks in the mirror now, he sees “a very lucky man.”




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