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The Gradient, by FBA News, is op-ed journalism reimagined. Here’s how it works: for each topic, two FBA journalists with opposing views on the issue will outline their viewpoint and explain to the readers why they feel their opinion or solution is the right one. By providing both sides of an issue, FBA hopes its readers can become more critical thinkers—while simultaneously depolarizing American politics.


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Ukraine dreams of a win at Wembley

Ukraine are set to play England in the soccer European Championship Qualifying on Sunday 26th March. Ukraine remains at war with Russia and as a nation, they are dreaming of a victory against England as a welcome distraction from the war. Over 1000 tickets have been given to Ukrainian citizens[Read More…]

Actor Johnathan Majors arrested

Actor Jonathan Majors, who recently starred in Ant-Man and The Wasp and Creed III, was arrested on Saturday in New York following an altercation with a 30-year-old woman. The NYDP confirmed through a spokesperson that following a “domestic dispute” with Majors, the woman was left with minor injuries to her[Read More…]

Connecticut man fighting in Ukraine posts video online, revealing his location, also admits to falsifying military record

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, some American citizens, many of them US military veterans, joined the war in an attempt to help Ukraine fend off Russian advances.  A recent New York Times report has alleged that some of those who joined the war started conflicts with each other, which hindered the Ukrainian[Read More…]