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The Gradient, by FBA News, is op-ed journalism reimagined. Here’s how it works: for each topic, two FBA journalists with opposing views on the issue will outline their viewpoint and explain to the readers why they feel their opinion or solution is the right one. By providing both sides of an issue, FBA hopes its readers can become more critical thinkers—while simultaneously depolarizing American politics.


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White House prepared to brief former Trump officials on 3 Chinese balloons during last administration

The Biden White House offered this week to brief former Trump administration officials on the details of three Chinese balloons that entered US airspace during the last presidency. Officials from the Biden administration reported this week that during Trump’s presidency, there were three separate instances of Chinese balloons flying into[Read More…]

Bieber sells music rights for $200M

Justin Bieber, whose hits include “Sorry” and Despacito,” has sold his music publishing and recording catalog shares to Hipgnosis Songs Capita for $200M.  Hipgnosis themselves did not confirm the amount, however a source close to the Associated Press confirmed it was $200M. “The impact of Justin Bieber on global culture[Read More…]