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The Gradient, by FBA News, is op-ed journalism reimagined. Here’s how it works: for each topic, two FBA journalists with opposing views on the issue will outline their viewpoint and explain to the readers why they feel their opinion or solution is the right one. By providing both sides of an issue, FBA hopes its readers can become more critical thinkers—while simultaneously depolarizing American politics.


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Kyle Rittenhouse no longer enrolled in online classes due to student protest, Arizona State University says

Kyle Rittenhouse is no longer enrolled in Arizona State University, according to school officials, per Fox News. Arizona State University students have called for Kyle Rittenhouse to be expelled from the online nursing classes he has been taking. Rittenhouse is a non-degree-seeking student at ASU who has been taking online classes offered[Read More…]

Salvation Army asks donors to apologize for white supremacy, white-dominated culture

The Salvation Army is asking donors to offer a “sincere apology” for white supremacy and white-dominated culture, as detailed in a resource guide “developed to guide The Salvation Army family in gracious discussions about overcoming the damage racism has inflicted upon our world.” The Salvation Army’s International Social Justice Commission designed the[Read More…]