We Have the FACTS. YOU have the OPINIONS.

Fact Based America is an unbiased news/media company that serves to depolarize American politics by taking the bias and partisanship out of the mainstream media.

FBA’s founder, Brent J. Smith, started the company in the summer of 2019 as part of his mission to depolarize American politics. Sensationalism in the media, fueled by blatant bias and partisanship, furthers the political divide between Americans, when it should instead be bringing Americans together through a dedication to objectivity and integrity.

By providing the facts instead of opinions, FBA is hoping that civil discourse can continue to be promoted on our platforms.

Since its founding, Fact Based America has made a substantial impact on the movement for unbiased news—reaching over 1 million views a month on our social media platforms, website, newsletters, and podcasts.