Eyeing re-election, Ted Cruz seeks to build bipartisan image

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) appears to be hedging his bets re-election in a state that is becoming more competitive and left with a tight margin in his last race.

During an interview in his Capitol Hill office, Cruz touted his work as the top Republican on the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee and how he is working closely with Chair Maria Cantwell (D-WA) on legislation which requires consumers be informed if their refrigerator or other home appliances have recording capabilities.

Cruz also brought up his work with Sen. Joe Manchin, (D-WV), on a bipartisan bill to fight a potential ban on new or existing gas stoves.

Cruz also spoke about his partnerships with two Senate Democrats on the Commerce committee,  Ben Ray Lujan of New Mexico and Raphael Warnock of Georgia,  to help create new interstates which will increase trade in both states.

“Oversight is one large bucket” for the committee, Cruz said. “And then the other large bucket is positive, bipartisan legislation that can move, that can pass into law, that is pro-jobs and pro-growth. And the Commerce Committee has a long history of passing legislation like that.” 

Cruz also stated that his new position on the Commerce committee will be a coup for fellow Texans — and, in turn, beneficial for his re-election campaign. The panel covers many key industries that have “deep footprints” in the Lone Star State, he said, from space and airlines to telecom, tech and energy.     

“I think campaigns should be about issues and substance and results,” Cruz said, sitting in his Russell Senate Building Office, where three of his bills that President Barack Obama signed into law hang on the wall. “The Commerce Committee has vast jurisdiction over nearly half the U.S. economy. Having the responsibility of being the ranking member for the Commerce Committee is enormously beneficial to Texas.”

“It gives me the ability to fight for 30 million Texans in a way that has real, meaningful impact,” he went on to say.




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