NCAA star Caitlin Clark helped her local food pantry raise $23k in a month in 2021 and is doing it again

NCAA basketball star Caitlin Clark, who has dominated the basketball court and  sports headlines recently as she led the Iowa women’s team almost to a championship is making headlines for another reason this week: her charity work.

In 2021, just after the NCAA made it legal for college athletes to use their names, images and likenesses for profit, Clark was approached by the Coralville Community Food Pantry, which was in desperate need of donations at the time. Clark was offered a paid opportunity to help raise funds and pull in donations for the food bank, but she refused any pay and proceeded to help them raise over $23,000 in the first month of her partnership with them.

The food bank’s director, John Boller, told The Athletic that Clark’s efforts have had “unthinkable” impacts on the organization, and says he is grateful for all her help. 

Clark is taking the opportunity of her recent fame to raise more money for the food bank. The Coralville Food Pantry Tweeted this week that Clark is setting out to raise another $22,000 for them by taking in donations of $22 or more, a nod to her jersey number, 2. All donations will be matched by GreenState Credit Union.

Boller described Clark’s participation and help as “really special.” He told The Athletic, to have an interruption where we get to connect with this incredible person, who just so happens to be one of the most incredible basketball players that we’ll ever see in our lifetime – to have her step foot in the building and to link arms with us in this way to do some good – it was just really special.”




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