Author: Paul Murdoch

Riley Gaines blasts SF State faculty member who called protests at heart of incident ‘peaceful’

NCAA champion swimmer Riley Gaines, who has gained national attention after criticizing transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, hit out at a San Francisco State University faculty member after an email was sent to students which described a “peaceful” protest after her speech Thursday turned violent.  Gaines said she was verbally and physically assaulted by[Read More…]

Ron DeSantis orders inspector general to see if Disney execs were personally involved with making RCID loophole

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has reportedly asked his top investigator to ascertain how a Disney-backed board intercepted his plan to take control of the agency governing the land around Walt Disney World in Orlando. DeSantis asked the state’s inspector general to investigate whether Disney’s executives, staff, or agents played any part in[Read More…]