VIDEO: Trump supporters raid Senate chamber, Nancy Pelosi’s office

Below you will find pictures and videos from today’s storming of the capitol building by Trump supporters.

Trump supporter sits in Nancy Pelosi’s office.

One of the first infiltrations of the Capitol buildings. Credit: Twitter

Trump supporters attempting to break into capitol building. Credit: Twitter

The crowd is pushed further back as police secure the U.S. Capitol and lawn out front shortly before 6 pm curfew. Credit: Brendan Gutenschwager/Twitter

Raiders inside the capitol building.


  1. true americans


  3. Ronnie Harvley

    The fake media we’re saying that the protesters in the Capitol building we’re armed they were not armed . As far as the election is the shoe on the other foot Democrats you all will be raising hell

  4. I think this was plotted by the GOP and Democrats they did not want this procedure to to on, because they might win and than the truth will some out, now they all say Oh the courts through out what his legal team files, but not telling the truth, they never gave them the chance to present the evidence. Did you see they really did not let them following the procedure, they got their way, and the blaming Trump and his support, with no proof, what a joke, they are all part of the deep state and Fox is nothing but a bunch of turn coats, they will get their day, and I am sick of facebook, that guys, who the hell are you Mark Zuckerber is nothing but a cheat, he fits right in with Demo. I am fed up with all of Washington, I will never vote again, its all a fix and the hell with Wrinkes (Nancy)

  5. NPR released by mistake, a news item at 9:33 AM ON JAN 6. “TRUMP SUPPORTERS STORM US CAPITOL CLASH WITH POLICE” THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN UNTIL APX 2:33PM SO WHY WAS IT ALREADY READY TO GO OUT AT 9:33AM THAT TELLS THE WHOLE STORY. IT WAS ALL ORCHESTRATED TO MAKE THE PRESIDENT LOOK BAD AND THE “MARCHERS” LOOK BAD I also think Soros sent in Antifa to do the cause the mayhem, and the shooting may have been part of the Black OPS photo op.

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