Study shows law enforcement recruitment has decreased significantly in past year

Studies have shown that law enforcement personnel recruitment has exponentially decreased on a nation-wide scale over the past year.

The total number of full-time law enforcement employees has declined a substantial amount since 2013, going from 724,700 to 697,195, according to the FBI crime reporting. In an interview with Jillian Mele from Fox News, Fraternal order of police national president, Patrick Yoes, was asked how long a rebound from this dropped recruitment rate would take in order to keep citizens safe. His response was, “Well, we have almost a perfect storm right now. What we have is a lack of people- the best and the brightest- wanting to go into the law enforcement field. At the same time we have law enforcement officers with a tremendous amount of experience that are just hanging it up. They’re retiring, and retiring early, and it just is such an instability within our profession that it’s definitely causing some problems that I think are going to have some long-term impact on our ability to properly protect our communities.” 

Jillian Mele also asked Yoes how long it takes to build up recruitment again. “Well i think one thing we need to recognize is even when we hire an officer, that officer is probably a few years away from actually getting to the point where they’re an effectively efficient officer based on training and field training. So, even when we immediately started turning the tide and hiring officers at a higher rate, it still would take some time to be able to fill this backfill that’s being created by some of the officers leaving our profession.” The rate of murder, per 100,000, in the United States has increased tremendously, with 20,000 more homicides, which is the largest one year jump in history and the most since 1998. 

Meanwhile, Patrick Yoes said, “All these discussions about destabilizing the law enforcement profession is having an impact and it’s also having an impact in our communities as well.” He adds “If you look at the cities that are talking the most about defunding, they’re the ones that are having the highest increase. This is an experiment that’s making our communities less safe and certainly making our profession less safe as well.”





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