Utah county declares itself a “Second Amendment Sanctuary” following Biden’s executive orders on guns

The government of Weber County in Ogden, Utah has declared itself a Second Amendment sanctuary, supporting the right to keep and bear arms, in response to President Biden unveiling his executive orders on gun control. 

President Biden’s newest executive action stops build outs of “ghost” guns, requires pistol stabilizing braces, mandates “red flag” legislation, invests in community violence intervention, and issues annual firearms reports. A Second Amendment sanctuary, or gun sanctuary, means they oppose the enforcement of certain gun control measures. The declaration, passed on Wednesday, states public funds would not be used to unlawfully restrict the rights of citizens to keep and bear arms, according to the Daily Herald. It also states the commission intends to oppose any efforts to restrict Second Amendment rights. 

Nathan Ivie, County Commissioner, proposed the resolution, and believes cultural shifts in the country and gun control measures rob citizens of their rights. “And that cultural shift has been to look to the government to keep us safe, to look outside of our own capacities, and in so doing to rob honest, good, reputable people of their rights, “Ivie said. “I think it’s time that we take a stand in this country.”  Sheriff Ryan Arbon, in an interview on Fox News, said  this resolution “gives the confidence to our residents and citizens of Weber County that we support their right to carry. We support their right to carry arms. This is what they have to do, this is their freedom. We are holding these basic, fundamental rights to make sure that they have the right to carry firearms.” Arbon also said “This is a declaration, basically, and what we have found out over the last year is since the change in presidency was looking like it was going to happen, there tends to be a nervousness, if you will, amongst people that guns are going to be taken away.” As an elected sheriff, he and other officials in the county want to reassure their citizens that their Constitutional right will not be taken away. 

As a result of the ‘Defund the Police’ movement, many American citizens feel that they have to protect themselves with crime becoming more prevalent, which could be attributed to the increase in gun ownership numbers. “It would be nice to have lots of law enforcement officers out there on every corner to help protect, but the fact of the matter is we can’t always be there in a split second. And crime spikes we’re seeing in larger cities, and even in my county, people feel a desire to protect themselves. And that protection may be needed in a second, and they have that right to do that,” said Sheriff Arbon. Speaking on behalf of his county and their officials, Arbon continued bringing up how the right to bear arms is a Constitutional right, and Weber County will give their citizens the assurance that their rights are protected.




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