Author: Nathan Reid

President Obama officially endorses Justin Trudeau for Canadian Prime Minister as election nears

Former President Barack Obama has tweeted his support for incumbent Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as the election campaign tightens in its final days.  Obama tweeted that the “world needs his (Trudeau) progressive leadership now” and that he hoped Canadians would lend their support to Trudeau’s Liberal Party. Obama took[Read More…]

Biden administration to revive Trump’s ‘remain in Mexico’ program despite claims of ‘inhumane’ treatment

The Biden administration is restarting a Trump era border policy despite the fact Biden repeatedly said the policy led to “inhumane” conditions for those migrants waiting. The administration is restarting the policy after the Supreme Court refused to suspend a federal court order issued by Judge Matthew Kacsmarky, which demanded[Read More…]

Report indicates US intelligence briefs had been predicting Afghanistan’s collapse since July

Classified intelligence documents collected and assessed by U.S agencies since the middle of July warned of the Taliban’s growing strength and influence at the expense of the faltering Afghan military. By the middle of July many intelligence reports were growing more and more pessimistic about the Afghan army’s military capabilities,[Read More…]