Author: Nathan Reid

Gaetz invites Britney Spears to speak before Congress: ‘You have been mistreated by America’s legal system’

Rep Matt Gaetz of Florida, along with support from three other Republican House members has invited Britney Spears to speak before Congress about her battle over her conservatorship. Gaetz alongside Representatives Marjorie Taylor Green R-Ga, Burgess Owens R-Oh and Andy Briggs R-Az expressed “their deep concern” for the popstar, telling[Read More…]

Mayor Lori Lightfoot reportedly ‘berated’ staffers over “office time” in emails obtained by the Chicago Tribune

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s emails have been obtained by the Chicago Tribune via a Freedom of Information Act request, showing how a rather angry Lightfoot treats her staffers. In one email Lightfoot slams her then scheduler demanding more “office time.” Lightfoot continued the email by writing “I need office time[Read More…]