Plane crash kills former White House official Dana Hyde

Dana Hyde, 55, who worked as an official for both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, was killed in a plane crash last Friday after the private jet she was traveling in hit extreme turbulence and encountered stability issues.

Hyde had been on a trip to New England and was flying home to Maryland when the crash took place.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) confirmed that they have started investigating “a reported trim issue that occurred prior to the in-flight upset” that affected the plane’s altitude control and let do instability.

They went on to say that they haven’t reached any conclusions yet, but they do believe that a series of things went wrong before the plane went down.

The pilots were hit with several alerts in the cockpit of the Bombardier jet, they then followed a checklist and turned off a switch that “trims” or adjusts the stabilizer on the plane’s tail, the report confirmed.

The plane’s nose then swept upward, subjecting the people inside to forces roughly four times the force of gravity, then pointed lower before again turning upward before pilots could retake control, the report said.

John Cox, who is a former airline pilot and now works as a safety consultant, said “there are definitely issues” with the pilots’ preflight actions, but he said they reacted correctly when they followed the checklist for dealing with trim failure.

Hyde flew on a Bombardier Challenger 300 twin-engine jet aircraft, which is owned by the Kansas City-based rural broadband consulting firm Conexon, where Chambers is a partner.

Bombardier have not yet responded to the report drawn up by the NTSB at this stage, they did however confirm that they are “carefully studying” it.

“We will continue to fully support and provide assistance to all authorities as needed,” Bombardier said on Friday.

Hyde’s husband, Jonathan Chambers plans for her funeral to be held in Israel where she “fell in love with the country, the language, and the people.”

“Dana was the best person I ever knew,” Chambers wrote in the email to Conexon associates. “She was a wonderful mother to our boys, and she was accomplished professionally. She loved and was beloved.”




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