Florida Republicans hand DeSantis first major legislative win

Legislation was sent to the desk of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis which would drastically reduce the number of lawsuits filed in the state.

Some of DeSantis’s Republican colleagues argued that this bill would be a bitter blow to the families of crime victims.

The bill will also be a blow to trial attorneys, who are regular donors to The Democrat Party in Florida.

The main beneficiaries of this bill will be insurance companies.

Republican legislators did act on this bill fast after DeSantis called for the changes ahead of the session.  

The legislation decreases the time plaintiffs can file negligence lawsuits and also has a clause that would help property owners in lawsuits alleging lax security.

Supporters and sponsors of the legislation believe it is essential to remove the “toxic lawsuit” environment in Florida.

“We have a fundamental problem in Florida when you turn on your TV or your radio and the ad says if you have been injured, call an attorney first,” said Sen. Travis Hutson, the main sponsor of the legislation who said people in the state try to win a “litigation jackpot.”

The Republicans who argued against the legislation believe that it has gone too far and will only hurt regular Floridians.

“There are 22 million Floridians who will now be exposed to higher risk, less safety and fewer options to hold wrongdoers accountable,” said Sen. Erin Grall (R-Fort Pierce). “Our constitution says liberty and justice for all, not the few — all. And this bill is not justice for all.”

Sen. Lori Berman (D-Boynton Beach) said the bill was “a gift from our governor to big businesses at the expense of our citizens and small businesses.”

The Senate voted 23-15 for the bill, HB 837, with five Republicans voting no and one Democratic legislator voting in favor of the measure. The bill was passed in The House last week.




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