Alec Baldwin facing lawsuit from three “Rust” crew members

Actor and Producer Alec Baldwin is facing a lawsuit from three of his crew members over the shooting of Rust’s cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins.

Ross Addiego, Doran Curtin and Reese Price said they are suing Baldwin, and others due to the stress and anxiety they have suffered since the incident on set in October 2021.

The lawsuit states that all three crew members were standing close to Baldwin when Hutchins was shot and that they all suffered from blast injuries.

Jacob G Vigil, who is a lawyer acting in behalf of the crew members, said: “Production of the gun-heavy western film required an experienced firearms expert and safety-minded leadership.

“Rust had neither.

“Instead, producers contracted an inexperienced armorer and set leaders with histories of safety violations.

“The multiple complaints from crew members about dangerous set conditions including firearms discharges, lack of rehearsals, and denial of dedicated armorer days, were ignored while cast and crew were allowed to handle firearms without proper training.

“Several crew members resigned from the film in response to leadership’s inaction.”

The lawsuit adds that Baldwin didn’t pay attention during firearms training and that he didn’t check the gun properly before using it.

The defendants named in the lawsuit are Alec Baldwin, Rust Movie Productions, and El Dorado Pictures.

Vigil said that the defendants “cut corners and ignored safety rules.”  Vigil also added that they “put the quick and cheap production of Rust ahead of the safety of the cast and crew”.

Baldwin has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter and has denied pulling the trigger.




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