Woody Harrelson takes a jab at COVID vaccine mandates in ‘SNL’ monologue

Actor Woody Harrelson appeared to use his monologue on “Saturday Night Live” to take aim at COVID vaccine mandates.

Harrelson, 61, concluded his monologue by talking about the “craziest script” he’s ever read. 

“So the movie goes like this… The biggest drug cartels in the world get together and buy up all the media and all the politicians and force all the people in the world to stay locked in their homes,” he said. “And people can only come out if they take the cartel’s drugs and keep taking them over and over.”

Harrelson went onto say “I threw the script away. I mean, who was going to believe that crazy idea? Being forced to do drugs? I do that voluntarily all day.”

The joke appeared to mock lockdown measures in 2020 which were put in place by the Federal Government to stop the spread of COVID, along with medically recommended vaccine booster shots.

Earlier in his monologue, Harrelson referred to himself as a “redneck hippie.”

“You know, the red in me thinks you should be allowed to own guns,” the actor said. “The blue in me thinks – squirt guns. So, I’m red and blue which makes purple. I’m purple.”

Harrison also described himself as an “anarchist, Marxist, ethical hedonist, nondiscriminatory empath, epistemology deconstructionist, Texan.”

Harrison’s appearance on Saturday Night Live was his 5th time hosting the show.  He was presented with a jacket later in the show by Scarlett Johansson to recognize his entry into the five-timer club.




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