Rihanna’s Super Bowl show clocked more FCC reports than Sam Smith’s ‘Satanic Mass’

Data from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has revealed that Rihanna’s half time show at Super Bowl LVII received more complaints than Sam Smith and Kim Petras’s performance at the Grammy Awards, which depicted a “Satanic Mass.”

The Hill obtained the records from the FCC which showed that Rihanna received 102 complaints about her performance, which she did while pregnant.  

“Inappropriate touching and dance moves, very raunchy for a family to watch,” one viewer from Illinois wrote. “Little kids do not need to see this.”

Another complaint hit out at the “sexualization” and “genital grabbing,” calling them “far too inappropriate for a family sport event.”

“I will NOT watch this again next year if this is how you are going to disrespect our nation,” the viewer said.

“Perpetual air humping and glorifying being a stripper isn’t child friendly for the Super Bowl,” another person said.

Several complaints did contain language that was deemed to be racist and/or sexist.

One viewer referred to Rihanna as “Shakira” before lambasting the performance. 

“She is pregnant and was pumping her pelvis while holding her crotch.”

“I truly hope the NFL will rise above the current culture’s disastrous vision for the future and take a stand for more virtuous and family-friendly productions. And, if they don’t, the FCC will do something about it,” a Gettysburg, Pa., viewer wrote. “Our young people get bombarded on all fronts with all kinds of negativity and vulgarity; they don’t need it from America’s most beloved sport as well.”

Last year’s Super Bowl halftime show, whose lineup included Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige and other hip-hop stars, received 33 complaints.

Janet Jackson and Justin Timerblake drew 540,000 complaints for their half-time show when Jackson’s nipple was on show.

Smith and Petras’s performance received 87 complaints.

One viewer said it was “borderline pornographic.”

“This was not an award show at all,” a Maryland viewer wrote to the FCC of the CBS broadcast of the Grammy Awards. “More like a Satanic Mass.”

“The devil worship presentation is totally unacceptable,” a viewer from Fort Dodge said.

Rihanna’s half-time show was watched by 118 million people while 12.5 million watched Smith and Petras’s show.




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