Asbury University ends 24/7 revival meeting after 50K flock to Kentucky town over 13 days

Asbury University, whose marathon worship service led to over 50,000 people coming to the town to attend, have been forced to drastically reduce their attendance.

The university did say that while the enormous attendance was welcome, it was causing logistical problems in the town.

“We had authorities that had to redirect traffic away from Wilmore. Our town’s institutions and our town’s infrastructure is just not in a place to absorb the influx of the blessed guests that we have had,” said Asbury University President Kevin Brown, according to Religion News Service.

The evangelical service in Wilmore, Kentucky had been ongoing for two weeks.  Many of its worshippers dubbed it a “revival.”

The movement started following the student’s refusal to leave following a chapel service last Wednesday.  The attendance increased as worshippers came from all over the country.

The university designated Monday as the “concluding public worship service” for the event stating that from Tuesday, services would be re-located off campus.

Asbury will stream certain parts of services which are being held for young adults in Hughes Auditorium until Thursday.

“We are also tremendously thankful for the men and women who have worked so hard and diligently to create space for this special move of God. Hosting such a significant moment comes with a cost—and the goodwill and humility of our community has been inspiring,” Brown said in a statement.

The statement ended by saying, “Finally, we cannot fully express the profound gratitude we have for stewarding this outpouring in the life of our school and beyond. Ultimately, we pray that our efforts in these days point to our Savior.”




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