Russian media plays dystopian ad wishing Europe a Merry ‘anti-Russian’ Christmas

The Kremlin-funded RT news channel wished Europe a very “Merry ‘anti-Russian’ Christmas” in a holiday ad. RT has been banned from broadcasting in Europe.

As Newsweek reported, the outlet highlighted the rising cost of oil in a new video, which was made to show the effects of rising energy prices in Europe.

The outlet’s propaganda video showed a future where families will eat their pets and live in darkness, apparently because western sanctions on Russia have triggered soaring energy costs, according to the New York Post. The sanctions are aimed at punishing Russia because of their invasion into Ukraine.

The 75-second ad plays a version of “Silent Night” as a soundtrack. The ad starts off by showing two parents gifting their daughter a pet hamster in 2021. The hamster is seen with a ribbon wrapped around it – an important note for the upcoming scene.

The ad then moves on to 2022, where they show the hamster wheel connected to a miniature generator being used to power the Christmas lights in their dark home. 2023 comes along and the shivering family is shown dressed in winter clothing for a Christmas dinner of watered-down soup. The father then picks the hamster’s ribbon from out of his mouth, implying that the family pet had become the holiday meal.

The ad closes with, “Merry ‘anti-Russian’ Christmas!” adding: “If your media doesn’t tell you where this is all going, RT is available.”




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