Boris Johnson’s sister says he was right to pull out of leadership race, but feels ‘sad’ for him

Rachel Johnson, who is the sister of former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, said she believes her brother make the correct decision to pull out of the leadership race, but went on to say “I feel sad for him.”

Boris Johnson was rumored to be making another run for Prime Minister but announced today that he would not be running as it was “too early” for him to get back into frontline politics.

Johnson did have the confirmed backing of 59 MP’s, with many more rumored to be behind him, however Johnson responded by saying “this is simply not the right time.”

Rachel Johnson said during her LBC (Leading Britain’s Conversation) show: “My first feeling is as a sister, I’m afraid, not as a much, you know, despairing member of this country.”

“I feel sad for him because clearly that was a hard note to write and he clearly wanted to feel that he could unite the party, and he could be a successful prime minister again.”

“That is evidence that he does not think this is the right time,” she said. “I will tell you that I also thought this was not his time. There may come a moment again when it is his time, but I felt three months after he left office, it was too soon.”

“It felt too soon. I think the country feels that, too. The party – and the country – is as split as everyone else.”

Rachel Johnson concluded by saying that she’s “glad he’s taken this decision” and it suggests he thought the party was “too divided” and he was “not the person to unite it.”

Rachel Johnson also spoke of her brother’s desire to win and described an incident where he got angry after losing a game of ping pong.

“When I say he’s a man that likes winning – I was once playing ping pong with him,” she said. “When I beat him in just one rally, he was so cross he kicked the garage door and broke a toe.”

Former Chancellor Rishi Sunak was recently declared the next Prime Minister after he gathered the most support.




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