Man who shot pro-life worker called her a ‘right-wing nut’ in 911 call

The 911 call made by Richard Harvey, 84, who has been charged with shooting pro-life activist Joan Jacobson, has now been released.

Jacobson, who is a retired nurse, was shot by Harper while going from door-to-door in Odessa passing out literature and asking people to vote against proposal 3, which would increase access to abortion in Michigan.

Harvey’s wife, Sharon, called 911 after Jacobson was shot and informed the dispatcher that Jacobson was part of an organization who were campaigning against proposal 3 and wouldn’t leave the premises.

“Some lady over here wouldn’t leave my property and she needs to be arrested,” Harvey told a dispatcher, according to MLive. “She’s trying to have me sign a petition and I won’t do it and I told her to get off my property. And she wouldn’t go.”

Richard intervenes in the call, adding: “She’s a right-wing nut.”

The Harveys do acknowledge later in the call that Richard intentionally fired a warning shot and then shot her with the gun as she was leaving.

“My husband nicked her with a gun,” Sharon informed the dispatcher.

The dispatcher then asked if Richard shot “at her,” to which Sharon says “Yes,” adding that Jacobson was only bleeding “a little bit.”

Harvey was charged Friday with assault with a dangerous weapon, careless discharge of a firearm causing injury, and reckless use of a firearm.

Ionia County Prosecutor Kyle Butler released a statement confirming that Harvey turned himself in on Friday morning and was being held in the county jail.

According to Michigan State Police, if Harvey is convicted of all charges, he could face a maximum of 4 years for assault with a deadly weapon, 2 years for careless discharge and 90 days for reckless use.




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