Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker pledges to sue over report claiming he payed for abortion

Former NFL football player Herschel Walker has pledged to sue over a report that he paid for an abortion for a former girlfriend in 2009.

The news of the alleged payment came to light last night courtesy of the Daily Beast, which reported that Walker had made the payment to his then-girlfriend after she became pregnant.

Walker, who is campaigning on a hard anti-abortion line in his bid to win a US Senate seat in Georgia, has denied the report, calling it “completely false.”

“This is yet another instance of the liberal media attacking a conservative candidate with false and unsubstantiated claims,” Walker said in a statement. “I will be taking legal action against those responsible for this story.”

The Daily Beast stands by its report, which was based on two sources close to the situation.

If the report is true, it would represent a major political setback for Walker, who has made his opposition to abortion a key part of his campaign platform.

The report comes just days after another damaging story about Walker’s past surfaced, when it was revealed that he had once been arrested for drunken driving.

Walker has admitted that the arrest occurred, but has downplayed its significance, saying that it happened over 30 years ago and that he has since turned his life around.

Despite the recent controversies, Walker remains a leading contender in the race for the Republican nomination for the Senate seat, which is up for grabs in November’s midterm elections.

Walker is facing a tough challenge from his main rival, Rep. Karen Handel, who has also been dogged by controversy in recent weeks.

Handel was forced to apologize last month after it was revealed that she had accepted $5,000 from a pro-life group that has been accused of links to violence against abortion providers.

The race for the Senate seat in Georgia is seen as crucial for both parties, as control of the chamber is up for grabs in November’s midterm elections.

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