Peru makes history after swearing in its first female president, Dina Boluarte

Peru has made history with the swearing in of its first female president, Dina Boluarte, on Wednesday after her predecessor, Pedro Castillo, was impeached and detained.

The historic event came at the end of a tumultuous day in Lima where Mr. Castillo had declared his intention to dissolve Congress and replace it with an “exceptional emergency government” without any prior consultation with relevant authorities.

The drama began early in the morning when Mr. Castillo announced that he would be appointing a new Interim Cabinet to govern for 90 days. In response to this, Congress convened an extraordinary session where they soon impeached him and placed him under arrest for alleged rebellion. Following this, Vice President Boluarte was sworn in as the first female head of state at an official ceremony later that day.

Boluarte is an experienced political figure who has served as Peru’s Vice President since July 2020 and had been a member of the Peruvian Parliament since 2016. During her presidential acceptance speech she expressed her commitment to maintaining good relations with neighbouring countries, respecting human rights throughout Peru, putting an end to all forms of corruption within the country and working towards economic growth through investment in infrastructure projects.

The citizens of Peru are hopeful that Boluarte will bring much needed stability back to their nation which has been struggling under a series of political crises over the last few months due to disagreements between government officials over issues such as pandemic relief funds and environmental protections laws. Boluarte plans on immediately addressing these issues by building bridges between different factions within Peruvian politics and setting clear goals for economic recovery across the nation.

Furthermore, Boluarte has also promised to decrease income inequality among Peruvians by introducing various tax measures targeted at wealthier citizens while providing additional benefits such as free healthcare coverage for lower-income households. Her administration is also looking into investing significantly into education reform in order to improve literacy rates across all regions of Peru which currently remain some of the lowest worldwide despite recent improvements over the past few years. This includes providing greater access to quality education initiatives such as vocational training programs and college scholarship opportunities so that individuals from all backgrounds can have equal access to higher learning resources throughout Peru.

Boluarte is confident that through these initiatives and more she will be able to help lead Peru out of its current crisis and achieve long-term prosperity for generations to come – something that many citizens are now optimistic enough about having witnessed her historic swearing-in ceremony earlier this week.

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