Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre questioned by FBI over involvement in Mississippi welfare scandal

Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre was questioned by FBI over a scandal involving the misappropriated use of welfare funds in his native state of Mississippi.

Favre played for the Green Bay Packers between 1992-2007 and also had spells with the Atlanta Falcons, the New York Jets and the Minnesota Vikings.

The state of Mississippi gave Favre $1.1 million in 2017 and 2018 to deliver speeches. Favre failed to deliver any of the speeches he was paid for and the money he was given has reportedly, been drawn from federal welfare funds.

As a result of this, Mississippi’s state auditor forced Favre to return the money, along with interest. Favre has reportedly paid the initial sum of $1.1 million, however the interest remains outstanding.

Favre lawyer Bud Holmes told NBC News that Favre was questioned by the FBI regarding his welfare funds. Holmes has stated that his client has not committed any offense and he went on to tell NBC that Favre had no idea that the money he was paid had been was taken from a source to help underprivileged families.

Favre also took to Twitter to defend himself series of tweets last year against allegations from the state auditor, that he accepted payment for speeches he had no intention of delivering.

“I am doing all that I can to support this investigation to make things right for the people of Mississippi and I have shared all that I know, which is that I was paid for three years of commercials that I did, and I paid taxes on the money, as I should,” Favre said at the time. “Of course the money was returned because I would never knowingly take funds meant to help our neighbors in need, but for Shad White to continue to push out this lie that the money was for no-show events is something I cannot stay silent about.”

He added, “Despite all efforts to seek clarification with the auditor, he has never granted a call back or a meeting with me, but has instead only repeatedly run to the media. Prioritizing sensational headlines over seeking truth is doing a disservice to the people of our great state who deserve answers and a resolution.”

White hit back at Favre’s October 2021 tweet, defending his investigation and findings. “These are lies, [Brett Favre],” White said on Twitter. “I am not going to hide how much you were paid, why you were paid, or conduct back room meetings to make this go away … You did not give the speeches. You have acknowledged this in statements to my agents.”




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