Former NFL star Wes Welker slams NFL for denying him disability

After the NFL denied him a disability benefit, former All-Pro wideout Wes Welker is furious.

After playing 12 years in the NFL, Welker was one of the most productive receivers in the league. However, he has been hampered by injuries in recent years, and he has applied for the League of Denial disability compensation.

The NFL denied Welker’s claim, and he is not happy about it.

“I gave everything I had to this game,” Welker said in an interview with Yahoo! Sports. “I played through injuries, played through pain, and gave everything I had to the teams I was on.

“And then to be denied something like this, it just feels like a slap in the face.”

Welker says he will appeal the NFL’s decision, but he is not optimistic about his chances.

“I’m not sure what else I can do,” Welker said. “I’ve done everything they’ve asked of me. I’ve been more than cooperative.

“But it feels like they’re just looking for a reason to say no.”

If Welker is unsuccessful in his appeal, he says he will consider legal action against the NFL.

“I’m not ruling anything out at this point,” Welker said. “I’m just trying to figure out what my options are.”

Welker’s story is unfortunately all too common in the NFL. Players give their everything to the game, only to be denied benefits when they need them the most.

The NFL needs to do better by its players, and Welker deserves to have his claim approved. Hopefully, the appeals process will work in his favor and he will get the benefits he deserves.

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