J.K. Rowling receives death threats as Salman Rushdie remains hospitalized from attack

Following the recent attack on author Salman Rushdie, Harry Potter author J.K Rowling confirmed on Saturday that she has received death threats.

Rushdie was stabbed at an event in New York on Friday as he was about to deliver a lecture. Rushdie remains hospitalized. Rowling responded to the attack, calling it “horrifying.” She added, “Feeling very sick right now. Let him be ok.”

Meer Asif Aziz, who describes himself as “student, social activist, political activist and research activist,” as per Deadline, directed a short tweet towards Rowling saying, “Don’t worry you are next.”

On Saturday Rowling shared a screenshot of Aziz’s and requested that Twitter support take note of the comments by, tagging @TwitterSupport and saying, “Any chance of some support?” Rowling confirmed later on that this is now a police matter. “To all sending supportive messages: thank you. Police are involved (were already involved on other threats),” Rowling wrote.

Rowling later shared a screenshot of her reply from Twitter support which said there were “no violations of the Twitter rules in the content you reported.”

Other writers also slammed the attack on Rushdie. Horror author Stephen King said he hoped that Rushdie “is okay.” King later tweeted, “What kind of a–hat stabs a writer, anyway? F–er!”

Feminist writer Taslima Nasrin, says she believes that “the man who wanted to kill Rushdie for writing Satanic Verses hasn’t read Satanic Verses. I think the Islamists who want to kill me for writing books have not read any of my books.”

PEN International, who are writers’ association, said that “No one should be targeted, let alone attacked, for peacefully expressing their views.”

Warner Brothers, who own the TV rights to Rowling’s Harry Potter series, also released a statement condemning both the attack on Rushdie and the subsequent threat to J.K Rowling.




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