Poll: Most Americans over 50 plan to get updated booster this fall

According to a new poll, most Americans over the age of 50, who have already gotten at least one COVID shot, plan to get an updated booster shot when one becomes available.

The poll was carried out in late July by the University of Michigan Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation. A total of 1,024 adults over 50 were interviewed online and by phone – 17% of which said they haven’t been vaccinated.

Those who had already gotten at least one booster were asked if they would get an updated booster against new variants of COVID-19. As reported by Axios, 68% of those 65 and older said they were “very likely” to get another booster shot in the fall. 55% of those ages 50 to 64 said the same.

The poll also found that 77% of older adults considered their doctor’s recommendation very or somewhat important to their decision to get vaccinated.

When asked if they planned on getting a flu shot this fall, 74% of those over 65 said they were very likely to do so. 46% of people ages 50 to 64 also said they’d get the flu shot.



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