New Yorker publishes ‘case for wearing masks forever’ from group who wants stricter COVID restrictions

The New Yorker has published an article titled “The Case for Wearing Masks Forever,” which highlights the story of a “ragtag coalition of public-health activists” who believe America’s pandemic restrictions “are too lax—and they say they have the science to prove it.”

The group, who considers themselves the “People’s CDC,” condemned the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for many of their decisions, including shortening the recommended isolation period and called on them to put mask mandates back in place.

“The public has a right to a sound reading of the data that’s not influenced by politics and big business,” said Mindy Thompson Fullilove, a school psychiatrist who volunteers at the People’s CDC.

Epidemiologist Gregg Gonsalves also said that people are wrong for wanting life to go back to normal.

“There’s a second story of the pandemic happening, which is not about ‘It’s time to go back to normal,’” Gonsalves said. “Normal for whom, and who’s getting left behind? I think that’s where the People’s C.D.C. and others are trying to stake a claim and trying valiantly to make an impact.”

According to the group’s website, “The People’s CDC is a coalition of public health practitioners, scientists, healthcare workers, educators, advocates and people from all walks of life working to reduce the harmful impacts of COVID-19. We provide guidance and policy recommendations to governments and the public on COVID-19, disseminating evidence-based updates that are grounded in equity, public health principles, and the latest scientific literature.”

They added that the group is “volunteer-run and independent of partisan political and corporate interests.”

The main point of the group: “The CDC is creating the appearance that the pandemic is over. IT’S NOT.”



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