Report: President Biden met with at least 14 of Hunter Biden’s business associates

According to White House Logs updated when Barack Obama was President, then-Vice President Joe Biden held meetings with 14 of Hunter Biden’s business associates.  

An investigation conducted by Fox News found that these associates came from US, China, Mexico, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

In February 2014, Miguel Aleman Velasco and Miguel Aleman Magnani, who are two of Hunter’s business associates from Mexico, paid a visit to The White House. According to Fox news, Joe Biden was seen on camera giving Velasco and Magnani a tour of the White House briefing room.

Fox News went onto say that Hunter reached out to his father’s official photographer, David Lienemann and requested the pictures.

“Do you have pictures from the lunch I had in dad’s office (I think on 2/26) with Miguel Alleman [sic] Sr. And Jr. And Jeff Cooper? If so let me know and I can send someone to pick them up. Thanks. How was Kiev?” Hunter said to Lienimann in an email.

Fox News also said they had emails sent from Hunter Biden to Magnani where Hunter expressed his anger towards Magnani for going “silent” on possible business deals, despite hunter introducing Magnani to Joe Biden.

“I have brought every single person you have ever asked me to bring to the F’ing White House and the Vice President’s house and the inauguration and then you go completely silent,” Hunter said in an email, as per Fox News. “I don’t know what it is that I did but I’d like to know why I’ve delivered on every single thing you’ve ever asked – and you make me feel like I’ve done something to offend you.”

A recent Rasmussen Reports survey has also shown that 55% of Americans are “closely following” developments in relation to Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Results from the survey also showed that 62% of Americans believe that Joe Biden has made monetary gains from these meetings and a further 44% believe it is “very likely” Biden’s profits came from business relationships with China. 22% of Americans believe that Joe Biden has no knowledge of Hunter’s foreign deals, while 10% remain unsure.




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