Poll: Majority of Democrats support either expanding or abolishing the Supreme Court

A new poll has found that the majority of Democrats support either packing the Supreme Court or abolishing it altogether and replacing it with a new system.

The poll, conducted by the Heartland Institute and Rasmussen Reports, found that 64 percent of Democrats support expanding the Supreme Court from nine seats to thirteen. 53 percent of Democrats also supported abolishing the Supreme Court and replacing it with a “democratically elected” court.

The new numbers reveal how most Democrats feel towards the high court. 56% of Democrats and 61% of liberals believe the Supreme Court is a “fundamentally racist institution.” Only 14% of Republicans and 17% of conservatives agreed with that sentiment. Among the races, 54% of black voters agreed, compared to 27% of white voters and 50% of Hispanics.

67% of Democrats and 71% of liberals also believe that the Supreme Court is “fundamentally sexist” in favor of men. 18% of Republicans and 21% of conservatives agreed.

Those polled were asked if they support creating “a constitutional amendment that would give the United Nations the authority to reverse U.S. Supreme Court decisions that U.N. members believe violate human rights,” to which 29% of all likely voters said yes.

Broken down, those who agreed with the idea included: 39% of Democrats, 42% of liberals, 17% of Republicans, 21% of conservatives, 30% of independents, and 9% of voters aged 65 and older support it. Those who were most likely to support the decision were African Americans and voters between the ages of 19-39.

Despite recent conflicts and ongoing protests against the justices, the poll found that 52 percent of all likely voters still had either a “very favorable” or “somewhat favorable” opinion of the high court.

The national survey polled a total of 1,025 likely voters and was conducted between July 6 and 7.

“For centuries, the U.S. Supreme Court has largely remained one of the most venerable institutions of the entire federal government. Although the Court has made some misguided decisions during its long history, it has also righted those wrongs over the years, ” said Chris Talgo, a senior editor at The Heartland Institute.

He added, “By and large, the American people hold the Court in high esteem, as this poll amply demonstrates. However, there is absolutely a movement afoot, principally among leftists and America’s youth, who desire to ‘reimagine’ the Supreme Court so that it will become nothing more than a rubber stamp for their radical agenda. Fortunately, most likely voters reject this notion and steadfastly support the Supreme Court.”



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