Beverly Hills police investigate distribution of antisemitic flyers on Passover

On Saturday afternoon, the Beverly Hills police department was busy sending officers to collect antisemitic flyers that had been distributed at the very north end of the city on Passover, which is a Jewish holiday.

According to Sgt. Ryan Dolan of the Beverly Hills Police Department, the latest distribution of the papers was reported at around noon near Loma Vista Drive and Carla Ridge.

The flyers, which seem to be connected to similar ones that had been handed out across the region in November and December, started out with the statement, “Every Single Aspect of The Ukraine-Russia War is Jewish,” followed by a list including the names of government officials.

Leaflets that had been handed out previously espoused similar rhetoric, some reading, “Every Single Aspect of the COVID Agenda Is Jewish.”

Residents throughout the northern Beverly Hills neighborhood began seeing the papers at around 7 a.m. on Saturday, which was the morning after the first Passover Seder.

According to Los Angeles Police, the department began receiving similar reports of the incidents, and the Beverly Hills Police Department has been searching the area and collecting all the flyers they can.

“It’s still pretty fresh, we’re still figuring out where they all are,” Sgt. Dolan said as he added that the flyers themselves contain no direct written threat. “There is no credible threat to people right now,” he continued.

Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse shared a picture of the flyer on Twitter, condemning the hate speech: “This was sent to me from a resident who woke up to this antisemitism at their front door along with other streets in our city and Los Angeles. During Passover and Easter weekend. Hate will NEVER Win.” 

Police had previously collected over 200 flyers in Beverly Hills, finding that each leaflet was enclosed in a plastic sandwich bag also containing rice, most likely used to weigh the bags down in order that they could be thrown out of passing cars.

The flyers were also delivered in Pasadena as well as in other parts of the country like Texas and North Carolina. They come at a time in which Southern California is fighting a slew of antisemitic incidents. 




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