Author: Elizabeth Hertzberg

Security fencing was placed back up at U.S. Capitol prior to the ‘Justice for J6’ rally

Before the September 18 rally, fencing around the U.S. Capitol building was reinstalled and law enforcement officials increased security measures in preparation, hoping to prevent an instance similar to January 6, 2021. Late on Wednesday, workers in construction vests hoisted the fencing around the Capitol as local police officers prepared for the rally.[Read More…]

National Archives places ‘harmful content’ warning on Constitution, all other founding documents

The National Archives Records Administration (NARA), which is in charge of protecting and preserving documentation of American heritage, placed a “Harmful Language Alert” in a header on its search catalogue; the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence, among other documents, are now labeled as “harmful or difficult to view.” The change[Read More…]

President Biden announces that all federal workers must be vaccinated with no option for testing

On Thursday, President Biden imposed new, strict vaccine requirements on all federal employees, large employers, and health care workers in an effort to manage the latest rise in coronavirus cases. These new requirements could apply to nearly two-thirds of the American workforce, which means as many as 100 million Americans may be affected.[Read More…]

South Dakota governor issues order restricting abortion medications

On Tuesday, Republican governor of South Dakota Kristi Noem issued an executive order requiring abortion medications to be picked up in person at a doctor’s office following a consultation. Previously, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had lifted restrictions on how abortion-inducing pills could be obtained, specifically that they could be sent[Read More…]