Police under review for playing Disney songs in alleged attempt to keep videos off social media

According to a YouTube video and news reports, at around 11 p.m. on April 4 on a residential street in Santa Ana, California, Disney songs were blaring from a police cruiser.

On the video, an officer can be heard explaining that they had been investigating a stolen vehicle, but residents began asking questions once the song “Un Poco Loco” from Disney’s 2017 movie “Coco” began blasting through the neighborhood. 

“What’s the music for?” a woman asks in the video, while she notes that she needed to sleep. Not long after the music seems to be turned off abruptly, a Santa Ana city council member, Johnathan Hernandez, also questioned: “What’s going on with the music here?”

One officer replied that it had to do with “copyright infringement” as he pointed out a man who was filming the video. 

Hernandez seemed to think that by that statement, the officer meant he was trying to keep the video off social media. “I’m embarrassed that this is how you’re treating my neighbors,” Hernandez can be heard saying in the video. “There’s children in here.”

The officer did apologize, and Santa Ana Chief of Police David Valentin said in a statement that the department is currently investigating the event. “My expectation,” he commented, “is that all police department employees perform their duties with dignity and respect in the community we are hired to serve.” 

Police in other cities have been recorded conducting similar behavior in order to prevent videos of them from hitting YouTube and other social media platforms, which have the ability to remove content that contains unauthorized materials.

Despite their efforts, the video from Santa Ana remained on YouTube as of Tuesday, and it had over 45,000 views. 




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