Twelve Massachusetts state police members fired for not getting COVID vaccine

Eleven Massachusetts State Police troopers as well as one sergeant have been fired for not receiving their COVID-19 vaccination, which was required by an executive order that had been issued last year.

According to a Sunday email from State Police spokesman Dave Procopio indicated that the 12 employees were fired on Friday following an internal hearing process.

In August, Gov. Charlie Baker issued the order which required all employees of the executive branch, which covers the State Police, to be fully vaccinated. The only way employees could avoid vaccination would be through being granted a personal, religious, or medical exemption.

The troopers will not be allowed to appeal their terminations, as noted by a statement from Patrick McNamara, who serves as the president of the State Police Association of Massachusetts, the union representing troopers. 

All 12 officers had sought either religious or medical exemptions to the mandate, and the application process does not have an option to appeal once a waiver is denied.

McNamara criticized Baker for the timing of his announcement. “Governor Baker has proven yet again just how hypocritical he is,” McNamara wrote in a statement.

“As part of a Friday night news dump, he has just terminated at least 12 Troopers due to his vaccine mandate. No appeals. No due process. Just a Governor hell bent on breaking the backs of the state Police who work tirelessly each day to keep the Commonwealth safe.” McNamara went on to charge Baker with “clear and petty animosity.”

He said, “While he closes COVID testing sites, asked that the State House be reopen without a mandate and has generally shown that we are in the endemic phase of COVID-19, he is still insisting on firing 12 Troopers from an already short staffed department. The Troopers deserve better. The Commonwealth deserves better. And, Charlie Baker should be ashamed.”

A spokeswoman for Baker suggested the State Police be sought for comment rather than responding on behalf of the governor. 




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