Vernon Jones criticized for saying civil rights weren’t made for LGBTQ people since they can ‘change’

Vernon Jones has recently faced criticism for saying that civil rights protections should not extend to LGBTQ+ identity as a class.

Jones, a former Democrat in the Georgia State House of Representatives who now identifies as Republican, has been a supporter of former President Donald Trump, and he made the comment in a podcast interview with ex-Trump advisor Steve Bannon.

“Let me tell you, civil rights for blacks and gay rights for gays are two different things,” commented Jones while on an episode of Bannon’s “War Room” podcast. “I don’t know what you are unless you tell me what you are if you’re gay, but when I walk into that room, you can tell that I’m black,” he added. “I’m black from cradle to grave. Let’s not get that confused, but they can actually change.” 

Jones, 61, served as a Democrat in the Georgia State House of Representatives from 1993 to 2001 and again from 2017 to 2021, but he switched parties in 2020 and endorsed Trump’s re-election campaign.

He went on to say that people can “go from being straight to being gay to being transgender and all these other genders. But when you’re black, I don’t have a choice. When did gays come over here on ships?” 

Later on Twitter, Jones reiterated his argument, pointing to what he called the “Rainbow Mafia” and saying the comparison between someone being black and someone being gay is “a damn lie.” He added, “[Martin Luther King, Jr.] didn’t fight for the right to read to children dressed up as a woman; he fought for REAL equality! Don’t confuse it!”




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