President Biden calls Fox reporter a ‘stupid son of a b–tch’ when asked about inflation’s impact on midterms

After a White House event on Monday afternoon, a hot microphone caught President Joe Biden calling a Fox News Channel reporter a “stupid son of a b-tch.”

His remark came after numerous reporters were shouting questions as they were exiting the East Room after a White House Competition Council meeting on current efforts being made to lower prices. 

“Would you take a question on inflation…? Do you think inflation is a political liability in the midterms?” asked Fox White House Correspondent Peter Doocy to the president. Biden eventually responded saying, “It’s a great assed – more inflation. What a stupid son of a b-tch.”

Following that exchange, Doocy said on Fox that he had asked Biden about inflation because the president, after being asked about Russia and Ukraine, said he would not be taking any off-topic questions.

The Fox reporter added that the president called his phone not long after their back and forth remarks to apologize. “Within about an hour of that exchange, he called my cell phone and he said, ‘It’s nothing personal, pal,’” Doocy recalled. “He cleared the air, and I appreciated it. We had a nice call.”

Doocy said he let Biden know that he has plans to keep asking him unexpected questions, and he noted that the president responded positively to that idea. 

According to Doocy, other reporters “had to tell me that he said it because I couldn’t hear anything over the shouting from [White House staff telling press to leave the room].”

Biden recently has become increasingly frustrated when he is asked tough questions publicly. He responded similar when another Fox White House correspondent, Jacqui Heinrich, asked him why he was waiting for Russian President Vladimir Putin to make the first move against Ukraine. The president responded under his breath, “What a stupid question.” 




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