CDC raises travel advisories for a dozen countries as they reach ‘Very High’ COVID-19 levels

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its travel advisories, listing France and Portugal, among dozens of other countries, in the Level 4 Covid-19 Very High category.

Countries in this category are the ones with the greatest number of cases of the virus. France, for example, is experiencing a strong surge of cases, which led US authorities to caution travelers to avoid visiting the country. They are not, however, preventing people from traveling, granted they are fully vaccinated.

While the CDC isn’t preventing anyone from traveling to France, the Department of State said transportation to the country may be sparse due to the Covid-19 spikes. Additionally, the department warned potential travellers against visiting France due to the terrorism and civil unrest which is present in the country. Terrorist groups are continuing to plot attacks, it said, warning Americans to avoid Paris on the weekends.

A writer from Forbes stated that if the CDC could add the US to the list of categorized countries, it would be the 84th country in the level four category.

On the CDC’s website, a world map shows the US shaded a deep shade of red, which indicates a high percentage of cases. Currently, there are about 36 new cases per 100,000 on a seven-day rolling average in the US, or 1,028 new cases per 100,000 on a 28-day rolling average. This rate is twice the number required for a country to be placed in level 4.




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