Pence’s former top aide, once banned from White House, cooperating with Jan. 6 committee

Former vice president Mike Pence’s former chief of staff has reportedly chosen to cooperate with the House panel investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection.

A person close to the matter who chose to remain anonymous told the Associated Press that the ex-aide, Mark Short, chose to cooperate with the panel after being subpoenaed. On January 6, Short was with Pence and fled with him to hide, as many of the protesters chanted for Pence’s hanging.

In the weeks leading up to the election certification, Short had been present in White House meetings where former president Donald Trump pressured Pence not to certify the election results, a power he did not have. Short objected to Trump’s pressure, causing him to be banned from the White House.

On the day of the insurrection, Short was in close proximity to the vice president for most of the day. Two days before the insurrection, he had been in a meeting with Pence, Trump, and John Eastman, a conservative lawyer, who attempted to convince Pence to hold off on counting the votes.

This development signals openness to cooperation among those associated with Pence. One source told CNN that the panel has received “significant cooperation with Team Pence,” although the panel hasn’t explicitly said so. Another source claimed Short’s cooperation is an “example of the momentum” the panel is receiving, albeit not openly.

In November, CNN  reported that those associated with Pence appeared to be more open to cooperate with the committee. Both Short and the panel chose not to comment when contacted by CNN.

Short reportedly has a close relationship with Pence, as he has worked for him for much of the past ten years. Before serving as the chief of staff for Pence, he worked as the legislative director for Trump during the first year and a half of the term. He is one of the few people associated with Trump to willingly meet with the committee. So far, the panel has met with at least 250 people, many witnesses, and many voluntarily sharing their account. 




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