COVID-19 outbreak hits New Orleans-bound cruise ship

A cruise ship that departed New Orleans and was expected to return on Saturday night had at least 10 passengers test positive for COVID-19 during the trip, despite everyone aboard being fully vaccinated.

A Norwegian Cruise Lines cruise ship left New Orleans on November 28 and made stops in Belize, Honduras, and Mexico before returning Saturday night. Officials in Louisiana were contacted during the trip when 10 passengers were found to have Covid-19. Each of those people reportedly had asymptomatic cases and were isolated on the ship.

On Saturday, everyone on the ship was tested for the virus but afterward, things continued as normal. One passenger asked about it and was told that if he had tested positive, he would have already been contacted.

Those who tested positive while still on the ship would have to go directly home or use accommodations provided by the cruise line to quarantine. Passengers were told that upon disembarking the ship, they would be given Covid-19 tests to take three days later.

The Louisiana Department of Health released a statement on December 4, saying, “Governor John Bel Edwards, the Louisiana Department of Health, the City of New Orleans and the Port of New Orleans are aware and working closely with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to initiate existing COVID-19 agreements and protocols with the cruise line.” There were around 3,200 persons onboard.




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