Hackers reportedly access personal data of 400,000 Planned Parenthood patients

Personal data belonging to 400,000 Planned Parenthood Los Angeles patients was hacked in October.

A spokesperson for the organization, John Erickson, told The Washington Post that an investigation was ongoing, but thus far it appeared that none of the stolen information had been “used for fraudulent purposes.” He said a hacker installed malicious software and “exfiltrated” some files, gaining access to the network, between October 9 and October 17. 

The organization sent a letter to affected patients. “We identified files that contained your name and one or more of the following: address, insurance information, date of birth, and clinical information, such as diagnosis, procedure, and/or prescription information,” they wrote. Patients were informed that information had not been used thus far and that the organization was taking steps to beef up its security measures.

Erickson said ransomware was behind the hack and that the motive of the hacker was unclear. However, this is not the first hack the organization has experienced. In 2015, a hack resulted in the personal information of hundreds of employees being publicly posted on the Internet. Another breach of patient information took place in 2020.

“PPLA takes the safeguarding of patients’ information extremely seriously, and deeply regrets that this incident occurred and for any concern this may cause,” Planned Parenthood wrote.




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