House passes bill to fund government through Feb. 18, sends it to Senate

The House, followed by the Senate, passed a bill which would ensure the government will continue running through February 18; it has now been signed by President Joe Biden.

On Thursday, the bill was passed 221-212 in the House, with just one Republican voting in favor. On the same day, it passed in the Senate, 69-28. By the end of the day, the president had signed it into law. The measure will provide funding for the federal government to continue its course and not shut down in the next 11 weeks.

As the federal government was moving closer to reaching its borrowing limit of $28.9 trillion, which it is set to hit on December 15, lawmakers took action to prevent a government shutdown, which would be a possibility if the borrowing limit was met.

Officials were fearful that a shutdown would mean layoffs for healthcare workers in the midst of new omicron variant concerns. 

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) remarked,”I am glad that in the end, cooler heads prevailed. The government will stay open and I thank the members of this chamber for walking us back from the brink from an avoidable, needless and costly shutdown.” Biden, too, was pleased with its passing, calling it an accomplishment and also the “bare minimum”. 




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