Worker allegedly hung upside down ‘like piece of meat’ and slapped in co-workers’ prank

An apprentice was hung upside down and slapped by his employer and co-workers in an intense prank, for which he has taken action.

Ilyas Elkharraz, 23, moved from Morocco to Australia, where he began working as a carpentry apprentice. He worked there for three years, until the incident occured. However, during a Christmas party last year, his boss hung him upside down. Footage of the event shows several people pushing him around and slapping him. 

After the experience, Elkharraz quit the job and took legal action. In an interview with A Current Affair, he said, “I felt like a piece of meat about to get cut. After a week I started to get flashbacks. I got nightmares from it. It’s like I was a cow, hanging upside down.” 

Additionally, he alleged his boss prevented him from going to college, which is a requirement for Australian apprenticeships. He said he spoke with his boss about the issue, after which he was told he would lose his job if he took time to go to school.

Tony Carbone, Elkharraz’s lawyer, said his client could have faced serious injury from the prank. “I’m thinking to myself ‘wow, this still goes on’,” Carbone said. “If the thing they tied around his legs were to snap or loosen and he hit his head on the ground, now you’re dealing with brain damage or quadriplegia.”

Australia’s government body overseeing workplace safety, WorkSafe Victoria, said it is investigating the incident.




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