Prosecutors ask Supreme Court to revive sexual assault case against Bill Cosby

Prosecutors are pushing the Supreme Court to reopen Bill Cosby’s case after his sexual assault conviction was overturned earlier this year.

In a filing released on Monday, prosecutors protested the case being thrown out, warning of the “dangerous precedent” it sets. In June, Cosby’s conviction was overturned by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court due to an agreement he made in 2005, which was only recorded in one place – a press release. Cosby had agreed to give a “damaging” testimony, in which he disclosed things he had done illegally, if he was promised he wouldn’t be charged.

Kevin Steele, the Montgomery County District Attorney, said the overturned conviction was “an indefensible rule,” and said there would be an avalanche of criminal appeals if this one remains in place.

In the filing, Steele wrote, “This decision as it stands will have far-reaching negative consequences beyond Montgomery County and Pennsylvania. The U.S. Supreme Court can right what we believe is a grievous wrong.” The filing aims to have the case reviewed under the due process clause of the U.S. Constitution.

Cosby’s attorneys have maintained that the press release was enough to clear him from being charged. The press release came from then-prosecutor Bruce Castor, who was unable to arrest Cosby due to insufficient evidence.

However, in the press release, Castor said he “will reconsider this decision should the need arise,” a promise that officials have since called “ambiguous”, attempting to decipher Castor’s meaning. Authorities coming after Castor arrested Cosby in 2015 and don’t think he ever made the promise to Cosby.

Steele’s bid to the Supreme Court has very little chance of being heard. Already, less than one percent of cases sent to the Supreme Court are heard, as at least four members of the court must agree to hear it. 




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