Trump would have already made a vaccine for Omicron variant, Stephen Miller claims

Former Trump White House advisor Stephen Miller claims that if Donald Trump were still president, there would already be a vaccine for the COVID-19 Omicron variant.

While speaking on Fox News’ Hannity, Miller said that the US would “already have modified vaccines to deal with the new variants” if Trump were still in office. “President Trump brought us vaccines in record time […] and he’d have updates, too,” he claimed. He didn’t go into detail on how Trump would have been able to do this.

Miller also spoke on how the Biden administration should step up in other areas outside of modified and updated vaccines. He suggested fighting the Covid-19 virus with “serious medications like antibodies, as well as more common over-the-counter medications that may be shown in clinical studies to have a positive, provable, statistically significant effect.”

It is unclear whether Miller was referring to many conservatives’ claims that Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine were effective treatments for the virus. Both have been rejected by medical experts, including Chief White House Medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Topping off his claims about the novel coronavirus and the two presidents’ responses,Miller claimed, “This administration is failing and that’s why more people died under Biden than Trump.”

The first Covid-19 vaccine administered in the US came nearly a year after scientists were first able to code the virus’s genetic sequence. Although it wouldn’t take nearly as long to create a vaccine geared towards a new strain, it’s unclear what Trump would have done differently from Biden to create a vaccine for the Omicron variant, since it was just recognized by the World Health Organization on Wednesday.




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