Officer in Maryland fatally shoots man with knife, finds dead woman in man’s home

Maryland police officers fatally shot a man wielding a knife in his home, later finding a deceased woman inside.

Around 1:30PM on Sunday, Anne Arundel police officers responded to a call in Glen Burnie. A female called police claiming she and a minor were chased out of a house by a male carrying a knife. She also claimed to have seen blood in the house and was unsure where an elderly woman who lived there was. Upon arrival, the officers knocked on the door and announced their presence several times before entering.

Once they entered, they demanded that the man drop his knife, which he refused to do. In response, the officers used bean bag “munition” and a stun gun several times, which did not seem to affect the man. “That subject then raised the weapon toward officers,” spokesperson Jacklyn Davis said. “At that time, one of our officers fired his duty weapon.”

The man, who has not been identified, was pronounced dead at the scene. The police searched the home afterwards and found the deceased body of an elderly woman, who appeared to have suffered trauma.

Amal Awad, the Anne Arundel Police Chief, spoke on the incident, saying, “These are difficult incidents … to have to make critical, split-second decisions,” the chief added. “These are difficult calls.” He added, “our hearts go out to this family.” The relationships between the individuals involved are unclear.




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