Texas student hits teacher in class, makes racially charged comments

A high schooler in Texas struck her teacher and made racially charged comments towards her before storming out of the classroom.

A video recording by another student captured the whole event. While the teacher was talking on her desk phone, the student walked up, hit her, and hung up her phone call, saying “Deal with me.” The teacher responded, “Oh no no no no no. You touched me, I did not touch you,” as she stood and walked around her desk towards the hallway for reinforcement, which prompted the student to call her mother, while saying “You ain’t about to f–k me up, bitch!” to her teacher.

While on the phone with her mom, she yelled, “I need you to get over here now because this teacher is about to get f–ked up if she doesn’t get the f–k away from me. You want to talk to her because she’s black, and she’s f–king pissing me off right now.” Then, in the final act of the display, she threw the phone at her teacher.

Castleberry School District released a statement regarding the incident. “We first want to commend the teacher for the calm demeanor and utter professionalism she demonstrated throughout the entirety of the incident, even when the situation turned violent and offensive,” they wrote.

“We support this teacher and her response in the strongest terms possible.” The school district officials said they were “greatly disturbed” by the video and that they were allowing law enforcement to get involved to handle the situation.

Brittany Evans, the mother of the student, spoke to WFAA-TV, where she told reporters that her daughter is autistic, bipolar, and “battles depression with anxious distress.” Evans said her daughter was suspended for three days due to the incident. She claimed to have had over ten meetings with the school regarding her daughter and trying to get her into a special education class. “I was upset for the teacher. I was upset for her even being in that situation,” Evans said, praising the teacher’s patience and calm response.




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