Two missionaries freed in Haiti after group kidnapping over a month ago

Two missionaries who were kidnapped in Haiti in October have been released.

In October, a group of 16 Americans and one Canadian from Christian Aid Ministries traveled to Haiti for ministry purposes. There were five children among the 17- an infant, a three-year old, a six-year old, and two teenagers. The group hailed from six different US states and Ontario, Canada and each person came from Amish, Mennonite, and other anabaptist backgrounds.

On the way to an orphanage, the group was kidnapped by a Haitian gang, believed to be 400 Mawozo. The gang reportedly demanded $1 million for each person. The FBI made contact with the gang in October and was in the midst of negotiations at the time. 

The two released missionaries have not been publicly identified, and very little information surrounding the case has been revealed. Haiti has recently seen an increase in gang-related kidnappings, with the US even warning potential visitors to Haiti of the new trend. Christian Aid Ministries said the two former hostages “are safe, in good spirits, and being cared for.”

Chrisian Aid Ministries released a statement following the release of two of the captives. “We encourage you to continue to pray for the full resolution of this situation,” they wrote. “While we rejoice at this release, our hearts are with the fifteen people who are still being held. Continue to lift up the remaining hostages before the Lord.” 




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