Pregnant woman shot in Philadelphia after returning home from her baby shower

A Philadelphia woman returning home from her baby shower was gunned down and killed on Saturday night.

Upon returning home from her baby shower, the woman, 32, who remains unidentified, was unloading the gifts she received when the incident occured. She was shot 11 times in the head and belly. She was seven months pregnant.

A nearby officer heard gunshots and ran to the scene. The woman was taken to Einstein Medical Center, where she and her baby were pronounced dead. No weapons were found on the scene, but 11 shell casings were found on the corner where she was parked. Her Kia Soul was still full of gifts with the lights on when police scoured the scene.

Deputy Commissioner Christine Coulter of the Philadelphia Police Department said, “The person that did this couldn’t be more cowardly.” The police have announced a $50,000 reward for information regarding the incident. A neighbor of the woman, Tom Mcdonald, said of the incident, “She was a nice person up and down the street. It’s just sad.”

Danielle Outlaw, the Police Commissioner released a statement saying the killing was “absolutely heartbreaking” and that there would be no rest until the suspect was arrested. “This attack appears to have been targeted. This heinous crime has sent shock waves throughout the country, and also highlights the intentional lack of regard that we are seeing for humanity,” she said. Philadelphia has reached nearly 500 homicides this year, setting a new record for the city.




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