Multiple arrests in Kenosha as protestors, Rittenhouse supporters clash with police

Police in Kenosha, Wisconsin have made at least two arrests amidst conflicting protests related to the Kyle Rittenshouse trial.

A group of Black Lives Matter protesters and pro-Rittenhouse protesters clashed on the steps of the Kenosha County Courthouse, while awaiting the jury’s verdict Friday. Things got heated when protesters from different groups argued amongst one another. One protester tried to knock another’s sign out of their hands, causing the two to fall to the ground. Punches were thrown and two people were arrested

Kenosha city and county police report the two were a 20-year old male and a 34-year old female. The male was apprehended for alleged battery, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. The female was taken in for alleged disorderly conduct.

Due to the notoriety of the case, a large number of protesters gathered at the courthouse. One even showed up toting a firearm, but was asked to leave because of the proximity to a school. Additional police were called in to provide backup.

In a news release, police said, “The Kenosha Police Department and the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department fully recognize the importance of media coverage surrounding the trial. The media and the public have a responsibility to give space to law enforcement and allow them to perform their duties. Please do so.”

The jury began deliberating on Tuesday and delivered their verdict on Friday morning. The case was high-profile, with politicians, such as the president, commenting on it. Rittenhouse pleaded not guilty on all five counts, which the jury confirmed, acquitting him on Friday. He had been charged after shooting three people, two of which died as a result.




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